Hateful Eight (2015)





The Hateful Eight is one of the few films that take a critical lens to the Reconstruction Era. The film features a diverse group of people who are stuck in a lodge during a harsh winter. A former soldier of the United States Colored Troops, bounty hunters, a Mexican bartender, a female captive, a southern renegade, and others all struggle to survive a dramatic evening.

The Hateful Eight was originally supposed to be a sequel to Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, but after feeling unsatisfied with the direction of the film, Tarantino chose to make it a stand-alone production. The film addresses the legacies of the Civil War and reunification of the country by focusing on Reconstruction.

While the film did not receive the same praise as Tarantino’s earlier work Django Unchained, it also did not generate the same controversy. Critics praised the film for its balance of violence, humor, and commentary. Critics were also impressed with the technical skill utilized by Tarantino in his filmmaking.




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