Programs and Projects

The Civil War Film Series screens the best Civil War movies, old and new, at Blacksburg’s Lyric Theatre. Visiting experts discuss the movies’ historical significance with the audience.
Our Experiencing Civil War History Through Augmented Reality project is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, in partnership with the Pamplin Historical Park.
The Civil War Weekend takes place each March on the campus of Virginia Tech, attracting alumni and many others. Leading historians share their latest research on a wide range of Civil War topics.
The Virginia Center for Civil War Studies organizes field trips to explore Civil War history where it happened. Each year ourĀ Spring Campaign visits battlefields, museums, and other sites.
The Civil War Driving Tour of Southwest Virginia brings the war in our region to lifeĀ through interactive text, images, and maps.
The Civil War Film History Project discusses some of the most well-known films on the Civil War, from “The Birth of a Nation” to more modern films, like “12 Years a Slave.”
The VCCWS is proud to support Civil War Photo Sleuth, using crowdsourcing and facial recognition technologies to identify Civil War soldiers, sailors, and civilians.
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