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Civil War Weekend

Thank you to our wonderful speakers and guests, who made the 2024 Civil War Weekend a great success!

This year’s theme was “The Information War.” Although wars are ultimately decided on the battlefield, intelligence, propaganda, and even rumors play pivotal roles. We explored the influence of different types of information on the course of the Civil War, ranging from Lincoln’s use of the telegraph to photographs and newspapers to communication among enslaved people. 

After the weekend’s end, we took a two-night field trip to Fredericksburg, VA. Led by renowned tour guide and retired National Park Service historian John Hennessy, we studied the changing nature of warfare at the epicenter of the Civil War’s Eastern Theater.

Mark your calendars for next year: The 2025 Civil War Weekend will be March 28-30. We hope to see you there! 

Spring lecture series

Professor Kidada E. Williams will present, ‘I Don’t Know If I’ll Ever Be Over It’: African Americans in the War against Reconstruction’ on April 15, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Kidada E. Williams. Photo Credit: Navy B. Rae Photography

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Civil War history lives at Virginia Tech. From its home in Virginia Tech’s History Department, the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies promotes greater understanding of the Civil War era among academics and the public. Whether you’re a student or a professional historian, a serious history buff or someone who just likes to learn, we have something to offer you here. 

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