Free State of Jones (2016)





Free State of Jones is the first major film to highlight Unionism in the Confederacy. This film also provides a broad overview of non-elite Southerners’ experiences of the Civil War. While Unionist sympathizers were a minority in the Confederacy, their story is an essential part of the study of the Civil War that has not received attention in popular culture. This movie covers the Civil War and its impacts with three distinct storylines: the war itself; Reconstruction; and, through a series of time jumps, the Jim Crow era.

Overall, the film was well-liked by historians, who praised its rejection of the Lost Cause narratives advanced by most earlier Civil War films. Free State of Jones also reflects an updated understanding of the Reconstruction era, exposing the challenges facing the postwar South by offering a more realistic interpretation of slavery and post-war racism.

While critics found much to praise in the movie, some found it to be more effective as a history lesson than as entertainment. Others objected to the slow-moving storyline and to the time jumps that interfered with smooth plot development. As a result, Free State of Jones succeeds more as an expansion of the historical narrative than as a movie.




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