Virginia Center for Civil War Studies

The Traveling Trunk of Civil War History

In 2014, center director Paul Quigley and graduate assistants Tom Seabrook and Kevin “Tiny” Dawson designed a new way to bring Civil War history into elementary school classrooms. The “Traveling Trunk of Civil War History” contains clothing, tools, images, documents, and other items that bring history to life for younger audiences. And it’s all housed in a replica Union army bread crate.

We created the Trunk with fourth-grade students–and fourth-grade “Virginia Studies” SOLs–in mind. But we can adapt the program to suit any age group.

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver the Traveling Trunk program in 2020 due to a shortage of personnel. We hope to offer the program again in 2021!


Traveling Trunk Materials 2014Traveling Trunk materialsPaul Quigley with student 2018








Katie Brown presents 2019-2Emily, Paul, & John with class 2018Katie Brown presents 2019








Emily Wild 2018Paul Quigley presenting 2018Paul Quigley presents 2014

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