Virginia Center for Civil War Studies

Museum Exhibit: Black Virginians in the Age of Emancipation


How did African Americans define freedom during the Civil War era and beyond? A group of Virginia Tech students from the VCCWS and the department of history designed an exhibit that is on public display at the American Civil War Museum – Appomattox.

The exhibit is entitled Enacting Freedom: Black Virginians in the Age of Emancipation. Students used newspapers, Freedmen’s Bureau records, the census, period artifacts, and more to explore the many ways former slaves made freedom meaningful in their lives.

For more information, check out the coverage in the VT News and the News & Advance.


Planning and Research

PlanningIn the MuseumResearch









John constructingConstruction crewPaul puts up exhibit title










Caitlin and Courtney 3DVisitors in front of titlePaul talks with visitor








Exploring the exhibitTour enters the exhibitStaff member discussing the exhibit


Exhibit Group

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